Few Words to Know Us

“Knowledge is priceless; however, studies have to be paid for”.

* This famous saying is true, nevertheless, studying in the beautiful European country like Lithuania is priceless too!
* But the good part is that studying in Lithuania is very affordable and low cost. In fact it is comparable to many Indian institutions.
* Tuition fee starts at 2000€ (Rs 1,50000) per year. Courses in medicine and business administration may vary in the range of 7000€ per year.
* Living expenses are in the range of Rs 25000(300-400€) per month. Living expenses include accommodation, food and transport.
* Students are allowed to work part-tine for 20 hours a week. This way they can support their living expenses.

Paid internships are also available to students to earn in Euros.

An amount of 5 lac is required to be shown as a proof of funds, which you may withdraw later.