Find a Job?

Higher Education institutions in Lithuania focus on giving students the skills they need in order to apply their knowledge in a practical way. They are also responsible for the practical placements of their students. In general, student placements are a compulsory part of undergraduate programmes. The university or college cooperates with enterprises in order to help students acquire specific skills relevant to their future professions. Therefore, students are able to undertake educational, professional or scientific practices both locally and internationally.

Opportunities for practical performance include:

  • EU programmes, such as Erasmus (Higher Education) and Comenius (intended for future teachers).
  • Students can directly approach companies and ask for opportunities for un-paid work experience. This will entirely improve student’s CV and also give them practical knowledge, which will be helpful when you are considered for a permanent position.
  • There are other non-profit organizations like AIESEC. Students can approach them for internships.

There is no central student placement database in Lithuania. Student placement opportunities are facilitated by centres within each university and students can also arrange their own company placements through their personal contacts.