Lithuania is a Free spirit country lies in the heart of Europe, where old traditions meet new age charm. Lithuania is a country located in the southernmost part of Europe’s Baltic States touching borders of Poland, Latvia, and Belarus. The country is mainly flat, with a small number of low hills in the western uplands and eastern highlands. Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and it is located near the Belarus border. Vilnius is famous for its medieval Old Town. Vilnius is located on the banks of two rivers – Neris and Vilnia.

Lithuania is situated in a strategic location between East and West Europe and has a very complicated history. It was the first country to gain independence from the Soviet Union in 1990 and was one of the oldest and the largest country in Baltic region. Language of Lithuania is Lithuanian; it is the oldest surviving language of the Indo-European family.

Lithuania has a very long history of rich educational and technological infrastructure, Vilnius University is one of them .It was founded in the year 1579. Lithuania is the only Baltic country with a tradition of nearly eight hundred years of Statehood. Lithuania has been making enormous strides in economic expansion, which is also evident from its education infrastructure that is truly world class.