It is the capital of Lithuania. If you want to get a grasp of Vilnius cultural life, history and the overall ambience, visit Old Town and its unique architecture.Vilnius festival is one of the most important festivals in the city and the country. The festival is part of the European Festivals Association list; it presents the famous Lithuanian and foreign performers' music, festival works created in collaboration with other European festivals. The capital city of Vilnius is more cosmopolitan and globally connected than its name may imply. Lithuanian, while comfortably surrounded by English-speaking professionals and students.


It is the second largest city in Lithuania established on the confluence of two largest Lithuanian rivers Neris and Nemunas. Kaunas Castle of 14th century is attracting visitors in its architecture and remarkable history.It was the first stone castle in Lithuania. Kaunas stands and delights its inhabitants and visitors now full of pride and vitality.


Third-largest city and a seaport,the vibrant city full of joy and entertainment, majesty of its harbor (cruise ships) famous for various summer events.Klaipeda is a very attractive city including an impressive architecture and original leisure time activities. Bohemian people, white dunes and smell of sea will be absorbed for a long time once you come to Klaipeda.It admires the marvelous harbor and waters of Curonian Lagoon and Baltic Sea. Museums and attractions delight visitors and entertain to come back.


It is the fourth-largest city situated between two main regions of the country. Siauliai is called “City of Sun” because of some historical circumstances. Siauliai citizens are very proud of their city and are always happy to welcome city guests while showing them the best what they have. Its 7 Sun Objects that symbolize the regeneration of Lithuanian culture and language, enlightening, the Battle of Sun and the beauty of the Sun City. The 7 objects include the sculpture of Daylight, the Cathedral of St.Peter and St. Paul, the Sun Clock Square, the stained glass named “The Battle of Sun” in the cinema and culture Centre “The Sun”. Siauliai always welcomes visitors and offers them wide variety of places to stay and to visit.


It has popular resort on a coast of the Baltic Sea, the most popular spot for Lithuanians or tourists to visit in summer, also called as “Summer Capital” All gothic revival church towers. Palanga beach is unique with range of dunes beside it. These sand dunes are an ideal place for sunbathing in cooler days as there you can get all of the sun and none of the wind.


Largest city of Auksatitija region, its Centre and unofficial capitalis straight in the half way between two capitals – Vilnius and Riga and is easy reachable by the highway. Panevezys is famous for its craft, agriculture and pubs so it broadly prospered and the new part of Panevezys was built. These attract large number of people because of its beauty including a pond, several little bridges and artistic sculptures. Panevezys is only a stereotype as friendly local citizens are always ready to help and to meet city guests with joy.